About Us

MyHostExpert is a resource that collects and organizes the most up-to-date info about hosting companies around the globe. 

Our goals:

  • Provide our customers with all the necessary information to help them choose the most suitable hosting provider for their needs;
  • Make the information about hosting companies as much compelling and objective as possible;
  • To collect and categorize all info in one place and keep it up-to-date.

We include only paid hostings in our rating as they meet the international security standards.

MyHostExpert will help you find the highest quality services and companies, ones that you can trust, as well as the best and profitable offers on the market. We present to you our simple to use and frequently updated database of hosting providers for you to easily find the company suitable for your needs and budget. The results you get afterward are simple to work with, prices comparison, refund policy, tech support details, and overall rating 

But of course, over time the quality and services provided will change eventually, so we carefully monitor information relevancy and regularly update our ratings.

We provide independent and helpful data for a wide audience of webmasters, small businesses, bloggers, and everyone interested in purchasing quality hosting services. We offer to overview, rate, and compare different hosting companies based on one platform - MyHostExpert.

No matter, if you are an experienced user or just a beginner in the field of website hosting, - it’s nice to have a friend who knows the drill and can give objective advice.

Our Experts

Leeloo Dallas

Web Design expert

An in-depth programming expert. I could have written more though... but big things come in small packages)

John Cardona

Сommunication expert

I'm an expert in external communications, worked in hosting companies from the United States, Germany, and the Netherlands. In my free time, I Meditate and learn Chinese.

Ruslan Webb

Expert in VPS and VDS hosting

Website developer and database optimizer. I have tried multiple hosting companies and would never stop looking for the best one

Alexandr Tubao

Web hosting expert

Shared hosting expert. I work directly with clients. Support a few small projects, starting off from domain registration. Have considerable experience in choosing host solutions for any type of project.

Chandra Singh

Programming expert

My mom works at Google and my dad is from India, so I am fluent in PHP, Java, and Hindi.

Catharina Orta


Don't get me wrong - no matter how cute the interface is, I'll always find where the promised “unlimited” ends. I know how to choose the best solution and plan there is. Has grown more than one successful project from a scratch.

Andriy Balych

Expert in the field of Web-Hosting

One of my biggest hobbies is reviewing hosting providers. And I love to share my experience with hosting providers. In my free time, I travel, Play on the guitar, and much more

Nadine Protas

Web-Hosting expert

Master coder and specialist in website management.

Francois Bennett

Web hosting expert

Train enthusiast, I used to host my articles and content on various sites, and over time I've changed over a dozen companies. And so with my experience I can flawlessly judge companies.

Виктория Кузьмина

HTML coder

Love music and travel. From time to time I write reviews about hosting companies. Here are my two main criteria for good hosting - Fast and compelling tech support and affordable prices