Terms Of Service

Every Company that is included and reviewed in MyHostExpert list was expertly reviewed by specialists that were following the standards of hosting quality description:

  • Overview (A general description of the company’s services and website design);
  • TechSupport( Reply times, answers clarity and helpfulness, and experts experience);
  • Reliability( Hardware, Datacenter classification, Security, SSL certificate, etc);
  • Usability(How convenient, user-friendly the service is)  ;
  • Benefits(Unique features of hosting and its additional functions);
  • Cost(Prices overview, payment options, refund period);
  • Summary(An expert opinion, based on mentioned factors, personal experience, and plan prices analysis in relation to the market).

MyHostExpert is obliged to publish reliable and authentic information that will help you to choose the most efficient and suitable hosting provider for your project. Aside from that, we take full responsibility regarding the actuality of provided information.

Providing information

MyHostExpert platform allows its user to leave their personal reviews on companies, which services they have used. Only registered users can leave comments and reviews. It was done to ensure that the comments and reviews would be personalized and unique. 

We ask you to leave only authentic information that is not harmful or offensive to other users. We have the full right to filter out comments and reviews that are not related to the hosting, contain swear words, or potentially can offend other users.

Partnership with hosting providers

MyHostExpert owes its existence to a team of enthusiastic experts who use hosting services often, and different reasons made them believe that there is not a lot of quality ratings available on the web.

We are registered in the affiliate programs of companies that are listed on our website, in other words when you follow the link to a company and make a purchase, MyHostExpert earns a predetermined amount of commission set by a company under their terms. These commissions are not and won’t in any way influence the information relevancy, final ratings, or loyalty to a specific company. These commissions fund MyHostExpert only. 

If you are an owner, representative, or just a customer of a company that is not for any reasons included in MyHostExpert rating list and wish for a specific company to be included in that list. You can inform us about it in our feedback form https://myhostexpert.com/article/contacts


All information that is presented on MyHostExpert website is for informative purposes only. We are not responsible for the relevancy or authenticity of information that hosting companies provide. So we can 100% guarantee the availability, quality, and performance of services listed on the platform. But, we can guarantee that all of the information that MyHostExpert provides was directly taken from hosting companies’ websites and we monitor its relevancy.

It is one of our main goals to provide helpful information regarding hosting services, but, we must inform you that all information is protected by DMCA copyright law.