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No matter the scale, difficulty, or nuances of your project, if you want a reliable, secure, and convenient service, then choose HostPro. As they can heed to every one of your needs, regardless if you are a user looking to host their blog, a small business creating their shop, or even a massive corporation aiming at creating their next big e-commerce service.


  • Fast support response times
  • Great choice of location
  • Completely managed servers for market average prices
  • Free Backups, lasting up to 30 days.
  • NVMe SSDs greatly boost performance.


  • No dedicated server solutions
  • PayPal payment only
  • The knowledge base is incomplete 


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Nadine Protas
Nadine Protas

Master coder and specialist in website management.


    Based in Denmark, this young company is aimed towards providing easy, environmentally friendly, and efficient cloud hosting. From 2017 to today they didn’t slow down in achieving their goal. They own two data centers, one located in Montreal, and the other located in Finland.

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      A young hosting company that started in 2016, making its way onto the market and in just a few years grew to a sizeable competitor. Their main focus is providing cloud hosting solutions and domain registration services. Their data centers are located in the US, Europe, Australia and Asia.ChemiCloud is being open and proud about being 100% independent, choosing a user-oriented approach.

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        Popular European hosting company Forex for over 10 years provides VPS, virtual and dedicated server hosting services. Have their own equipment located in data centers spread out in countries like Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Ukraine, and Russia. Quickly made a name for themselves as a reliable and stable hosting. Their services are focused on Europe and CIS regions

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          Hostinger - is a worldwide known Lithuanian hosting company, working in the IT market for over 17 years. Their data centers are located thought the world in countries like the US, UK, Netherlands, Lithuania, Singapore, and Brazil. Currently stands as the most available provider in the market.

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