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SolaDrive is one of the stronger competitors in the US market. The company proves itself by providing quality service, fully managed solutions that have a lot of useful, free, and just neat features implemented in them. SolaDrives allows its customers things that other companies would not, like 3rd party software, OS and to run your server without a control panel. If you are business company looking for a reliable hosting provider, well, you just found it.


  • Free SSL with the option to install a free control panel, or none whatsoever;
  • Fully managed service with proactive monitoring;
  • 3rd party software support;
  • Custom security suite.


  • Mostly US locations;
  • Only VPS solutions are eligible for a refund;
  • The prices tend to be high.

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John Cardona
John Cardona

I'm an expert in external communications, worked in hosting companies from the United States, Germany, and the Netherlands. In my free time, I Meditate and learn Chinese.


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