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Host2Go is a great provider of VPS solutions that comes with a variety of services, stability, and security measures. Best suited for businesses of any scale really. It's basically hosting made easy, with managed solutions letting you work on your project, and Pro services will surely help to get your site on the feet.


  • Great choice of location, with options all over the world;
  • Option to choose between managed and self-managed VPS;
  • StackCP and SSL certificate for a larger chunk of plans;
  • Autoscaling solutions.


  • No refunds, except for WordPress solutions;
  • No option to contact support expect tickets;
  • Mediocre support response times.

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Alexandr Tubao
Alexandr Tubao

Shared hosting expert. I work directly with clients. Support a few small projects, starting off from domain registration. Have considerable experience in choosing host solutions for any type of project.


    Is a hosting company founded back in 2012, with headquarters located in the United Arab Emirates. They offer all of the popular hosting solutions, shared, VPS, and Dedicated hostings. Their data centers are located in the Netherlands and Romania.

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      As the name suggests, the company was founded in Malaysia and is aimed at providing VPS hosting solutions. It has been operating in the field of IT-Service since 2012 and since then grew beyond just VPS. Their data center is located in Malaysia.

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        As would the name suggest, is a company centered around providing Cloud-based solutions. The company is Lithuanian and was founded in 2005. The company has 3 data centers located in Lithuania, the Netherlands, and the US.

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          MMDHosting is an American hosting company formed in 2007. Originally the purpose of the company was to provide a cheaper alternative for Cloud and VPS hosting solutions, and to this day it remains true. The company has its data center in Denver, US.

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