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PaiHost is a safe bet for everyone looking for a reliable, secure hosting company to start your project. The company is suitable for both personal projects and business ones, and the variety of services is surely gonna help you find your ideal one. You are welcomed with a lot of features and functions.


  • SSL certificate with cPanel free of charge;
  • A variety of locations to choose from;
  • A whole ton of free features;
  • Free website builder;
  • Great Performance and security.


  • Unreliable support;
  • No data centers;
  • Sometimes buggy site;
  • Refunds are only eligible for 7 days. 

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Nadine Protas
Nadine Protas

Master coder and specialist in website management.


    Is an American hosting company that started out in 2009 and haven't stopped growing since then, expanding to other location and data centers. SolaDrive provides VPS and dedicated servers solutions. The company owns 5 data centers, most of them are located in the US, to be precise, 3 of them, one in the UK, and the last one, the newest, is located in Singapore.

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      As the name suggests, is an eco-friendly hosting company. It was founded in 2013 in America. The aim of the company is to provide quality VPS hosting solutions. The data centers are located all over the world and are numerous, they are located in the US, Europe, and Asia.

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        Is a young and still growing Indian hosting company founded in 2020. An quickly started to provide a variety of services, including shared, VPS, and Dedicated server solutions. The data center is located in India with locations available all around the world.

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          British hosting company that was founded in 2019. Hostmenow has a strong focus on providing shared and VPS hosting services. The data center is located in the UK as well and is the only one company owns.

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